The challenges of professional drivers

Professional drivers have challenging lives.  How can I help?
A truck driver’s wife, home school mom, colon hydro-therapist, health and wellness coach, and lover of truth! What do these things have in common????  Me! Hi, I am Carolyn and I have a never-ending passion and gratitude to serve the fine people in the trucking industries of this world!
I want to welcome you to stay informed about the challenges that face truck drivers; in particular, the reality of professional driver’s lives, their health and families and the many issues that they routinely face and overcome.
Of course there are the obvious trucking challenges such as heavy traffic, wind, rain, snow and ice. But there are many other difficult hoops and hurdles these road warriors deal with on a daily basis that are unique to their profession. It requires a set of skills, and determination and is by no means a job for the faint at heart!
To me, truck drivers are highways unsung heroes who may have been unfairly judged, misinformed, and stereotyped.  I hope to tap into the avalanche of misinformation concerning the drivers who make good things happen in a real BIG & AWESOME way!
God bless our drivers.
So…until next time…

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