Why is sauerkraut healthy for you?


Sauerkraut is one of many cheap and all-natural ways to add to your gut health. If you haven’t heard how very important your gut health is, here is a link to a radio program that I am in with Donna Smith with some great gut health info: Blog Talk Radio
So, how is sauerkraut going to help your gut? As you may know, it is just fermented cabbage. The fermentation process not only preserves but creates a probiotic world. All fermented foods are full of live cultures that are very beneficial to our gut health which affects our overall health. And our gut health is directly connected with emotional health.  How is this?  We have more neurons in our gut than in our spine. So if our gut is not in mint condition it makes total sense that our emotions will be compromised.
Unless you make fermented food yourself or you buy it unprocessed at a health food store, it has been canned. Canning heats it to temperatures high enough to kill the probiotics. To get all the benefits possible, these probiotics must be live. We need huge quantities in our gut to maintain healthy bodies. According to The Smithsonian Institute, we have about 37.2 trillion human cells. We have 10 times more than that of microbes, beneficial bacteria, that live in us. WOW! That’s really hard to imagine, isn’t it?
A friend recently gave me a huge amount of cabbage from his garden to make sauerkraut. I have attempted this process a few times before with little success. In the past, I have used canning jars to ferment in because it is what I had available. Fermenting sources said that it would work.  Well, it probably does, but so far for me it didn’t. So this last time I borrowed a crock to ferment in and voila, it worked like a charm!  I don’t know if it was the crock or just finally a successful attempt. Either way, I have a ton of yummy kraut full of beneficial bacteria in my fridge just waiting to populate my belly with the good stuff that I need to stay healthy.
My 82-year-old friend let me borrow a recipe book that was probably close to her age.  I found a link that is very close to that recipe. It does recommend mason jars which would probably be easier to make and take in a truck. By the way, I think the jar failure was just me. Now you can try it yourself and have a very cost effective and beneficial yummy food to make on the road and on your own.
Sauerkraut recipe
Another way to get beneficial bacteria is kombucha.  Kombucha is a delicious drink made out of tea that is chock full of health benefits.  I am in the process of making some now and I will update you on my success (or failure).  So stay tuned.
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So what is gut health?


This is an interview that I did about a month ago on Blog Talk Radio with Donna Smith, Truth about trucking.  It was a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  It is in the archive to listen to at your convenience. Happy listening.

Carolyn O’Byrne


Truckers and their “Gut” reactions to health
Thursday July 9th, 2015, 6PM ET 347-826-9170

The quest for better health continues for many drivers, whether they are seeking better health, have a desire to lose weight, or both.
Over the road professional drivers face many challenges and setbacks as they strive to meet their goals, sometimes needing support along the way.

Our guest Carolyn O’Byrne of LifeCaochService.net, no stranger to the trucking industry, has supported many struggling drivers and their families along the way. One of her areas of expertise is health, and tonight we will discuss the correlation between “Gut Health” and overall wellbeing. Some of the topics to be discussed are:

How our dietary habits affect our digestive health, including:
The ratio of good and bad bacteria, the adequate amount of HCL (hydrochloric acid), our mental state, and more
How does our gut affect our immune response to disease?
Why is your gut called “the second brain”
What is a “leaky gut” and how do we get it? What problems does it cause?
Do Genetically Modified Food affect our Gut Health and lead to other problems?

Article by,

Donna Smith

Truth about Trucking