So what is gut health?


This is an interview that I did about a month ago on Blog Talk Radio with Donna Smith, Truth about trucking.  It was a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  It is in the archive to listen to at your convenience. Happy listening.

Carolyn O’Byrne

Truckers and their “Gut” reactions to health
Thursday July 9th, 2015, 6PM ET 347-826-9170

The quest for better health continues for many drivers, whether they are seeking better health, have a desire to lose weight, or both.
Over the road professional drivers face many challenges and setbacks as they strive to meet their goals, sometimes needing support along the way.

Our guest Carolyn O’Byrne of, no stranger to the trucking industry, has supported many struggling drivers and their families along the way. One of her areas of expertise is health, and tonight we will discuss the correlation between “Gut Health” and overall wellbeing. Some of the topics to be discussed are:

How our dietary habits affect our digestive health, including:
The ratio of good and bad bacteria, the adequate amount of HCL (hydrochloric acid), our mental state, and more
How does our gut affect our immune response to disease?
Why is your gut called “the second brain”
What is a “leaky gut” and how do we get it? What problems does it cause?
Do Genetically Modified Food affect our Gut Health and lead to other problems?

Article by,

Donna Smith

Truth about Trucking


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