Why should we choose hemp?

hemp seed

Some say that hemp seeds are the most nutritious seed in the world.

Hemp seeds are incredibly high in magnesium, which makes them a very good food to help reduce stress and anxiety.
They are very high in protein and amino acids. If you are starting to drag down midday, try popping some in your mouth.
Hemp seeds are also high in many vitamins and nutrients such as:

B vitamins – heart, bones, vision, skin, and brain and more
Vitamin E – vision, hormones, breasts, muscles, skin and more
Zinc – immunity, energy, cells, pancreas, liver, vision, etc.
Iron – brain, temperature regulator, muscle function, oxygenation, etc.
Healthy fats – Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats

How do I use hemp seeds?

First of all, they require being put in the refrigerator or freezer. I usually put mine in the freezer. My favorite ways to eat hemp seeds are to put it in a smoothie (along with chia) or sprinkle them on my salad. Hemp seeds taste a little like finely chopped walnuts but with less flavor.

The ideas for using hemp seed are limitless – or you could sprinkle them on your desert, vegetables, or soup, etc.

These little seeds are a very convenient way to get in high nutrient content quick and easy on the go. For more info on hemp seeds click here

By the way, I accidentally got hemp powder one time. Yes it is the same food in another form. Let’s just say that I won’t make that mistake again. It didn’t have a good flavor like the seeds.

Where you find hemp seeds: select grocery stores, health food stores and on line.

I triple dog dare you to try them.


Carolyn O’Byrne

Life Coach Service

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3 thoughts on “Why should we choose hemp?

  1. Hi Carolyn. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll be spending some time reviewing yours as well. I could definitely be healthier! Great idea, but I bet it’s hard to get drivers to WANT to be healthier. Anyway, thanks again!


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