Why do I work with truck drivers and their families?


Why do I work with truck drivers and their families who want to improve their health? Why do I work with those who want to go forward with goals and ambitions?  How does health and personal development go together?  They not only go together, but they are one in the same.  We have three parts of our being.  Spiritual, emotional, and physical.  If any one of these are compromised, they will all be affected.  For example, have you ever been so stressed out that you got a terrible headache?  This is our emotional health affecting our physical health.  Have you ever felt like there was a war going on inside of your mind?  When our emotional and spiritual faculties are not in harmony, this feeling of war is the result.  Whether you are interested in physical health or you just want to get on track with experiencing more, I can help you find the abundance that you know is out there, just waiting for you to discover.

I know the challenges, I am a drivers wife.  I have been there and done that.  I see the struggles that my husband faces and have lived the challenges of being the family at home.  

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Not only is the trucking industry bringing us almost everything that we need,  Truckers are also the ones who transport the healthy items that we need, it is vital for the health of everyone, everywhere.

We take care of the mechanical workings of our trucks.  We buy our trucks the necessary things and sometimes a little bit of bling to go with it.  But do we take that much time, energy and effort, on the health and wellbeing ourselves?  Do we take into consideration that our emotional health is just as important as the physical?  Just think how productive we would be if everything about us was in tip top shape.  We all want more out of life.  Don’t we?   I am here to show you how. 

Carolyn O’Byrne


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