From Stress To Success

stress 2 arrowssuccess

The stress of the road, drivers you understand.  When you think, “I’ve got this,” something else happens.  You blow a tire, you’ve got a DOT physical coming up, no place to park, regulations changing, no loads, situations at home, a clueless four wheeler, traffic, …………. how are you supposed to cope?  

Stress on the road can be tough.  Stress is harmful to our health.  How are you supposed to juggle all these things on a daily basis without stress? 

Life is going to happen.  There are things that we can plan for and there are things that come to us as a surprise.  Make a plan and know that this plan needs to be flexible.  Think ahead, think about your daily situations, and write them down if it helps.  Determine in your mind and train your thoughts to respond in a certain way to these happenings.  For instance, if another driver cuts you off, have a stress free plan.  When dispatch calls with bad news, how could you approach this situation without anger and stress?  If a load is canceled, whether we get angry or not, the load is still canceled.  The reaction of anger or self defeat, is only hurting ourselves.  Events that come along are what they are and it is how we respond to them that determines our emotional levels.  What one person thinks is a bad situation, could be a good one to someone else. 

Stress also affects our eating.  Because of stress and bad habits, we tend to go for the fast and easy way out, not the way that we know is best for our health.  Even though we know that we should fuel our bodies with higher quality food, we don’t, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Could your job situation improve if the people around you saw this improved way of thinking through you?  Could your finances improve with a new sense of success within you?

Thought for the day:  Does your mind tell your body what to do or does your body tell your mind?

Although this is a simple concept it is not always easy to apply.  The directions that we have gone in the past become habits.  These habits are hard to break.  “Hard to break,” that is the important thought here.  Just because it is hard doesn’t mean that it is impossible.  You ARE capable of improving your life and you are the only one that is.  NO ONE else can do this for you.  Think right now, think hard, how would your life be if you changed all negative reactions into positive responses? Where would your stress levels be, compared to now?  How much more could you enjoy life? How much better would your relationships be? 

You CAN do this!  Get in control of your stress on the road.


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