Are Your Vitamins Hurting You?

Are Your Vitamins Hurting You?   pills

Drivers, this info is not only for you on the road, but everyone.  Help others by telling them about this potentially life changing information.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, etc. are they helping or hurting? 

Many companies that we are buying from are packaging and selling synthetic products.  Unfortunately, the majority of vitamin supplements today are synthetic meaning man made and not occurring in nature. 

Do our bodies know what to do with unnatural chemicals that some call nutrients? 

Are we paying for pills that may have no benefit at all, or worse cause us harm and add toxins to our bodies that may already be in toxic overload?

So what can we do?  Get informed.  Be informed.  Do the research for yourself.  Be sure that you are taking all natural supplements and not the “fake” ones.   Here is a link to help out with more info to make a good decision and be able to identify the synthetic products that we don’t want. 

Ideally we should get all the nutrients that we need from the food that we eat.  But because of soil depletion, food processing, natural foods and sometimes fresh produce availability, we are many times left nutrient deficient.  

Truck drivers are not the only ones affected by this but it does pose a bigger challenge when you are on the road. 

I am asked the question all the time, “Where do I find quality products?”

I have been working with a company for years that does just this. It is just like walking into a health food store with many products and brands available, but you can do it easily and simply wherever you are online.  The best perk of all……for orders over $49 the shipping is free and straight to your door.  

Wellevate, a newly designed portal through Emerson Ecologics, makes finding and ordering nutritional supplements a breeze.  For more information about it go to my site, When you are interested in ordering through Wellevate, send me, Carolyn O’Byrne an email requesting to order through Wellevate. I will then send you an invitation to shop (Give me a day or so to do this.).  

GREAT NEWS!! It is simple and free.  

Remember, Wellevate has just announced FREE shipping! Ya Hoo!

Blessings on your health,

Carolyn O’Byrne, CHT





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