MATS 2017


Truck shows are always a ton of fun…This year at MATS was no exception.  The size was overwhelming. But whether you have been there before or not, the things to see and do seem limitless.  Oh, and the beautiful trucks are really something to see.

There is so much hard work that goes into a truck show, especially one of this size.  Kudos to all of the folks who actually put on the show; it is a benefit to the trucking industry.   Let’s not forget the individuals/companies that haul in their items to offer and all the set up that goes along with it.  They should all be ready for a good long break afterward.  It is exhausting just to think about it. I know the attendees are probably thinking the same thing after walking ten thousand miles.

One very exciting thing that happened at MATS is MATS2GATSMATS2GATS is a health challenge that was started and run by drivers.  It was started last year by Tex (James Crowley).  He and his friend masterminded this idea.  This year Tex has handed it off to Tom Kyrk of Road Tested Living to manage.  Tom asked me if I would be interested in helping out with it again this year.  Well of course, this is my favorite thing to do, helping drivers and their families reach their physical and emotional goals.  Knowing that I, in some way, helped with the success of others is what makes me thrive.  I get to do this every day with my job and my book.   If you are wanting to get your health back in shape, here is your chance.

So many good folks and so many good opportunities.

Truck shows are great ways to connect with others in the trucking field whether it is socially or for business or maybe you just need access to trucking related products and enjoy them all being in one place.  If you frequently go to truck shows, you will probably see some of the same people that you met last year or last show and haven’t seen since.  That is certainly the case with me.  It is so good to catch up with folks that you only get to see at the shows.  Meeting new people is always fun too.  Whether it is a random person to chat with or finally getting to meet a friend on social media.  See you at GATS!

Truck shows = fun, opportunity, stories, and memories.