You’ve Been Hacked

You’ve Been Hacked…

How do I know this?  We have all been hacked.  We all have “something” we do that we wish we didn’t.  Whether it is eating foods that we know are not good for us, biting our nails, getting angry easily with family, trucking on the road or “something” else.  Everyone has “something” that we would like to improve or change.  

So if we don’t want to do this, why do we do it?

Somewhere along the line, the idea to do that “something” got into our mind and made itself at home.  Once that happens, it can be difficult to kick it to the curb.  BUT difficult does not mean impossible like we might think.  Just as strong as the habit is to do it, you can create the same kind of habit to not do it at all.  Repetition, repetition, repetition.  

Make the conscious effort to do what you want to do and put it as top priority every moment.  Tape up reminders, say the goal to yourself over and over, out loud or in your mind, and then visualize, which is the magic bullet.  Visualization is huge in helping to make changes to our habits.  Visualize yourself doing what you want to do.  The deeper you go into your mind and feel that it is real, the better it works.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and not, and that is where the habit is stored anyway.  Your subconscious mind will think that you are really doing it the right way.  

But get ready, because it might rebel.  It has been doing it the old way for so long it will pull you back in that direction as hard as it can.  Keep up the good work and eventually, sooner than later, if you keep on track, that pull to do the old thing will be gone and you will have developed a new habit that is exactly in the direction that you want to go.  

So, don’t let being hacked control your life.  You have a choice