A Wonderful Little Gem on the Road

hot tea

As fall approaches, I feel a tugging inside of me for the warm soothing feeling, that nourishing herbal tea brings me. I see the leaves blow across the road and  sense the change of the smell in the air. There are so many wonderful herbs that bring happiness to my taste buds, sometimes in the form of single herbs and sometimes in the form of blends. Herbs are blessings that the earth freely gives to us, not only to tickle the taste buds, but to comfort us and support good health. There is no limit to the value that these teas can provide. Peppermint is probably one of the most well known. Most people like the flavor of peppermint. What they may not know is how good for them it is. Peppermint is good for digestion, bad breath, headaches, supports improvement of mental focus and respiratory issues, helps with tight muscles and boost energy. One of my favorites is chicory root, it has a full bodied, almost coffee-like experience. I use this as the base to my own favorite blend. I add chicory, rooibos, tulsi and burdock. Not only do my taste buds enjoy this blend, my whole body thanks me while absorbing the life healing nutrients that these herbs bring.

The chill in the air causes my senses to crave warmth. This month, I have already been enjoying the whistle of the tea kettle alerting me of tea time. Maybe the stores are gearing up for the cooler weather months, I don’t know, but I just hit the jackpot at two different stores, in the same day, that had herbal teas on sale. I now have several yummy new flavors squirreled away for the winter. There are several different brands to choose from at your local store. Here is one. Just be sure to read the ingredients. Some of them look very healthful, but may have additives that are not. The good ones will only have herbs, No colors, flavorings, preservatives, or fillers. Tea takes up very little space, needs no refrigeration, and only requires some hot water to prepare. With a little knowledge, herbs can also add to your truck driver/in the truck first aid kit. So whether you are driving down the road or snuggled up with a good book, I encourage you to experiment with the many different flavors tea has to offer. What a wonderful little gem to have handy on the road not only for comfort, but healing.


Coach Carolyn

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