Are You All Washed up?


Whether the flu and cold season is upon us or not, the question is when, how, and what. When do we wash our hands, how do we wash our hands, and what do we use to wash our hands?

Most people agree that we should wash our hands when they are soiled, but what about before and after handling food? Using the bathroom? Coughing or sneezing into them? Most people know this information, but it may not always be applied.


A quick rinse of water is not going to get it! I have seen so many people run two seconds’ worth of water over their hands in the public restroom on the road and then dry them. I don’t get it! In order for our hands to be cleaned, we must wash our hands with soap and water, then rinse them off well, and then dry them. Are we in that big of a hurry these days that we would jeopardize our health and the health of others?  


Let’s talk bacteria. We have good and bad bacteria in and on our bodies. We need that good bacteria for keeping us healthy and free from disease. We want to keep that good bacteria as happy as possible inside and out. Washing our hands in plain soap and water does just this. It does a fine job in getting rid of the unwanted particles and keeping the good. Using antibacterial soap not only kills all of the bacteria on the outside, it is very difficult to get out of the water supply and ends up in our drinking water, therefore killing the good bacteria inside of us. The negative health effects can range from allergies, hormone and muscular disorders to blocking photosynthesis in plants and killing animals.

Another note to remember: hand soap is not the only antibacterial soap out there. Many dish soaps, sanitizers, and cleaners also contain these ingredients. Please consider your own health by taking these precautions along with helping us all.


Blessings on your health,

Coach Carolyn