Are Your Vitamins Hurting You?

Are Your Vitamins Hurting You?   pills

Drivers, this info is not only for you on the road, but everyone.  Help others by telling them about this potentially life changing information.

Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, etc. are they helping or hurting? 

Many companies that we are buying from are packaging and selling synthetic products.  Unfortunately, the majority of vitamin supplements today are synthetic meaning man made and not occurring in nature. 

Do our bodies know what to do with unnatural chemicals that some call nutrients? 

Are we paying for pills that may have no benefit at all, or worse cause us harm and add toxins to our bodies that may already be in toxic overload?

So what can we do?  Get informed.  Be informed.  Do the research for yourself.  Be sure that you are taking all natural supplements and not the “fake” ones.   Here is a link to help out with more info to make a good decision and be able to identify the synthetic products that we don’t want. 

Ideally we should get all the nutrients that we need from the food that we eat.  But because of soil depletion, food processing, natural foods and sometimes fresh produce availability, we are many times left nutrient deficient.  

Truck drivers are not the only ones affected by this but it does pose a bigger challenge when you are on the road. 

I am asked the question all the time, “Where do I find quality products?”

I have been working with a company for years that does just this. It is just like walking into a health food store with many products and brands available, but you can do it easily and simply wherever you are online.  The best perk of all……for orders over $49 the shipping is free and straight to your door.  

Wellevate, a newly designed portal through Emerson Ecologics, makes finding and ordering nutritional supplements a breeze.  For more information about it go to my site, When you are interested in ordering through Wellevate, send me, Carolyn O’Byrne an email requesting to order through Wellevate. I will then send you an invitation to shop (Give me a day or so to do this.).  

GREAT NEWS!! It is simple and free.  

Remember, Wellevate has just announced FREE shipping! Ya Hoo!

Blessings on your health,

Carolyn O’Byrne, CHT




Health Improvements Today with this one Thing…..


There are many ways to gain true health and there are many things available today that claim better health but actually do not.  One good rule of thumb is to go back a few hundred years and look at how they did it.  Because of the huge impact technology has had on our food industry, our health is suffering.  Processed food is, well, processed.  And in this unfolding, we are not getting the components that we need for thriving health.  These foods are stripped of fiber and many nutrients, which usually means a lack of flavor.  This is why they add sugars, salt, artificial flavors, colors, and fats.

One health improving component is fiber.  The lack of fiber can lead to a multitude of health issues and diseases, such as weight gain, bloating, constipation, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, having a toxic body, and more. 

Fiber acts like a scrub brush or a mop cleaning up and regulating all of the excess remains that our body doesn’t need.  This is a VERY important part of the digestive process that is needed for proper health.

The average American eats about 10 grams of fiber per day.  Truck drivers don’t have the conveniences that the average American does.  They have a much greater challenge to get quality foods than practically any other profession.  Could it even be less?  It takes a minimum of 35 grams of fiber to support good health.  WOW! That is a whopping difference. 

Imagine: weight loss, no digestive issues, normal blood sugar, cholesterol, and normal blood pressure, ridding yourself of toxins, and feeling great!

For lasting results there must be lasting change.  I urge you to ditch the processed foods and become fiber aware.  It will make the difference you’ve been looking for.

Some ideas to get you started with high fiber foods:                                    

Peas                                                                              Berries

Okra                                                                              Nuts

Acorn squash                                                             Chia

Brussels sprouts                                                       Flax

Black beans                                                                Quinoa

Chick peas                                                                  Avocadoes

Lima beans                                                                 Lentils

Split peas                                                                    Coconut

Some of these you can simply add on top of the food that you are already eating.  CREATE!

Here are some links for added ideas to help out with better health.

Hemp                                                                               Chia

Salt                                                                                    Kombucha



Flash Drive


Drivers, we all know that the only thing on a flash drive is what you put on it, right?

Well other than the fact that we are MUCH more complicated than a simple flash drive, the same goes for us.

What we or someone else, put into our minds is ultimately what shows up in our life.  In addition to that, what we put into our mouths, is what will show up in our health In my experience, show me someone with emotional issues, and I will show you someone with gut issues and vice versa.

Do we see the importance here?  If we want to be our best self, we must be in control of everything that goes into our self and no one else..   No we can’t control going to a truck stop and seeing or hearing way too much ________.  But we can control how we respond to it.  There is so much that we can control about ourselves.

Most of us don’t want something or someone to control us, yet we are very likely submitting ourselves to something or someone.  Such as, letting unhealthy foods determine our health or letting someone else’s negative attitude control how we act upon situations.

I want to let you know that you have the power to control yourself, no matter what the setting.  No matter if it is emotional or physical, such as what you eat.

Become aware of your triggers, educate yourself, and find someone that can help you to become accountable, whether it is a family member, or friend.  Some don’t have that person to go to or some just want a neutral party with experience.  Either way I want to empower you to be the best that you can be.

Blessings on your health,

Carolyn O’Byrne, CHT


GATS 2016


WOW, what a good time!  It is almost like going to a family reunion again.  Seeing old friends and meeting new ones. 

I was honored and grateful for the opportunity to speak Thursday and Saturday at the health pavilion stage, and of course on one of my favorite topics, the physical and emotional aspects of gut health.  I also want to thank the many who bought my book, “Gut Instinct” I would love to hear your comments about it.

                                                                                                                                          Gut Instinct.frntCvrFinal (2)

GATS is a fun time, yet exhausting.  I am sure that I put about 30 miles on these shoes.  I brought my “rolling desk” with me everywhere I went because I wasn’t ever in one place and wanted to always have my books on hand for all my friends who waited for GATS to get one.  At one time I saw, who I thought was one of my Face Book truck driver friends, but wasn’t sure.  When I went to FB to check. I contacted him to ask, “Was that you sitting in front of me?” He said, “Are you the office lady?” LOL Yep that was me…..  I felt like it was my other child tagging along everywhere I went.  Time was so tight, that even at the evening gatherings, “my office” had to tag along too.  There was NO time to take it back to the room to be where I needed to be.

All in all GATS is a great place to be, where we are all one big trucking family. Be sure to check out the health pavilion, so many wonderful folks put a lot of effort into concern of your health, such as Trucking Solutions, Randall Reilly, and Land Star.    If you are going next year, be sure to give me a holler.  I’d love to meet a new trucking friend.

It is my goal to help drivers and their families move in a positive direction.  For any questions check out my web site 

See ya next year at GATS!


How Truckers Gut Instinct Saves Lives……..

While driving, have you ever been in a situation that gave you butterflies or twirls in your gut or that feeling that something is just not right?  This is a perfect example of how our gut and brain are so connected.  You just feel it right in your gut.  Because truck drivers are on the road day in and day out, I believe their instinct is even more fine-tuned about driving, than the average person.

So our gut and brain are connected?  We have tons of neurons in our guts to receive the mayday call and to give us that weird feeling of alarm.  But if our gut is not in tip top shape, things are not going to work right.  Our emotions and decision making skills can suffer and there are many many different illnesses that stem from the shape of our digestive system, our gut.  In fact, I believe that most diseases are directly correlated with it.  Some are irritable bowel, acid re-flux, spastic colon, colitis, crones, celiac, diabetes, heart disease, eczema, psoriasis, feeling down, emotional ups and downs, and the list goes on.

If these ailments are related to gut health, how important do you think gut health is?

If our digestive system is in excellent condition, we are very likely to have no health concerns at all.  Although I have always been interested in alternative health, the journey of my own gut and the well being of my family, have strongly pushed me into a direction of good health, while thinking outside the box.  These successes, have brought me to a realization of the many unnecessary sufferings of others.

  • How your gut affects your entire health and immune system.
  • What kind of foods are creating a greater risk for disease?
  • How processed foods are killing us!
  • The most common factors to be aware of in order to maintain good gut health.
  • What are the major causes of “leaky gut syndrome” which is leading to sickness and autoimmune disease?
  • How can antibiotics many times do more harm than good.
  • How does your gut affect your emotional state?
  • How you can eat healthy in a truck…. whether you cook or not…recipes included!!
  • What are Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s) and how they’re destroying our immune system! (GMO’s are banned in most other countries!)
  • The myth accepted about eating “plenty of whole grains.”
  • Natural cures and remedies!

My husband is an over the road truck driver.  I have seen the many unique issues that drivers have to face out there.  Lack of good quality food options, challenges of getting up and moving to get exercise, and having people on their side to support them physically and emotionally.  It is my passion to help as many drivers and their families as possible to be successful in their everyday life and their future.  One of the ways that I have done this is with my book Gut Instinct.  It has just published June 22, 2016.

Drivers, I wrote this book to you and for you. I am wanting this book to get into the hands of as many people as possible to help the unnecessary suffering and low quality of life abroad, especially in the trucking industry.  Although it is written primarily with the trucking industry in mind, everyone can benefit by adhering to the ideas outlined in this book.

Tell your friends.  Give them, give yourself, the most precious gift of all, the gift of health.

For more information about my book and how to get it go here.




My results in making kombucha

So What is Kombucha?                                             kombucha2

Kombucha is a fermented drink with a tea base.  As I have mentioned in a previous post, gut wellness is the key to overall health.

There are many factors necessary in creating optimal gut health; kombucha is rich in probiotics and can serve as one avenue toward maintaining and restoring the beneficial bacteria that everyone requires.  It is very expensive to buy readymade, but is extremely cost effective to make at home.

A link for a little bit of history:

Several years ago I did a trial with kombucha, following the specific way that my friend had made hers.  Her family enjoyed it being made from a certain kind of peach flavored tea.  I tried it her way first and had little success.

After searching the internet, I found and used the simplest recipe with great success!  Someone please clap for me!  Thank you.  OK.  I recently decided to give it another try, because my family has been on a gut healing quest for about a year now.  This time I decided not to try something fancy until I perfected the basics.  Using the simplest method, I had success. I am on the third batch and my “mother” has multiplied, now I have two.  So, on this third batch I am making two gallons instead of one. Yay for this as one gallon just isn’t enough at my house.

Other than tea, sugar, and water, you will need a “mother” or SCOBY, which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.  Ask your health food friends or go to the local health food store to find someone in your area that would share a “mother” or SCOBY with you.  Otherwise you will have to buy one.  There are many online sources.

Here is the recipe that I used:

Blessings on your success, if you choose to try this wonderful, nutritious, and beneficial drink.


So what is gut health?


This is an interview that I did about a month ago on Blog Talk Radio with Donna Smith, Truth about trucking.  It was a great show and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.  It is in the archive to listen to at your convenience. Happy listening.

Carolyn O’Byrne

Truckers and their “Gut” reactions to health
Thursday July 9th, 2015, 6PM ET 347-826-9170

The quest for better health continues for many drivers, whether they are seeking better health, have a desire to lose weight, or both.
Over the road professional drivers face many challenges and setbacks as they strive to meet their goals, sometimes needing support along the way.

Our guest Carolyn O’Byrne of, no stranger to the trucking industry, has supported many struggling drivers and their families along the way. One of her areas of expertise is health, and tonight we will discuss the correlation between “Gut Health” and overall wellbeing. Some of the topics to be discussed are:

How our dietary habits affect our digestive health, including:
The ratio of good and bad bacteria, the adequate amount of HCL (hydrochloric acid), our mental state, and more
How does our gut affect our immune response to disease?
Why is your gut called “the second brain”
What is a “leaky gut” and how do we get it? What problems does it cause?
Do Genetically Modified Food affect our Gut Health and lead to other problems?

Article by,

Donna Smith

Truth about Trucking

Drive to Health

Quality of life is key.  We can possess all the things we desire, but without health, what do we have? Society, along with today’s food industry, has driven us in a direction that is for profit and not for health.  Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”  Does this mean eat your medicine for nutrition? NO!  It means the food we eat needs to be nutritious enough to keep us healthy so our bodies can fight disease.  Reflecting on the history of mankind, we can see how our bodies are designed to function.  We eat for fuel.  The designer of your truck made it so that it runs on fuel.  You would not put water in your tank.  It is not designed to run on water and it would destroy the engine.  Well, we are the same.  We are designed to thrive on natural foods not synthetic (manmade).  Our bodies have no idea what to do with this manmade stuff, therefore it often stops running correctly.  Disease can set in when our bodies get the wrong information.  Let’s keep this in mind when it is time to eat.  Make a nutritious plan.  You can do it.

“If you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

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